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About Changemakers

Sabanci Foundation "Turkey’s Changemakers" program aims to promote social development and awareness and ultimately mobilize active citizenship by inspiring and encouraging others.

Who is a Changemaker?
  • Has a social entrepreneurship spirit
  • Is honest and trustworthy and has an inspiring story
  • Has an innovative and creative approach
  • Has replicable programs and solves old problems through new methods
What Does a Changemaker Do?
  • Protects the environment
  • Supports education and learning
  • Provides economic development    
  • Contributes to culture and arts
  • Supports public health
  • Develops social justice
  • Promotes civic participation
How Are Changemakers Nominated? The Application Form is filled out. A person can also nominate him/herself.
How Are Changemakers Selected?
  A pre-assessment is conducted Changemakers are selected by an Advisory Board
What Happens Next?
  Videos are shot and prepared Videos are broadcasted
What are the Benefits of Being a Changemaker?
  The person is involved in Changemakers' network The Changemakers have the opportunity to work in partnership with other Changemakers
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