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Date: 12.05.2017 (Season 8 - Episode 15)

In 2009, seven friends who consider global climate crisis as the most important threat against humanity, established Yeryuzu Dernegi (Earth Association). There is no president nor a hierarchic structure within the association which works on a voluntary basis, for a sustainable world. 

The association developed Kent Bahceleri [Urban Gardens] project as a solution to the problem of being detached from nature and to the difficulty of accessing healthy food due to urbanization. Thanks to this project, 1.350 urban gardens producing agricultural goods were created in Istanbul.

One of the other projects of the association is Yeryuzu Ekokoyu (Yeryuzu Ecovillage). It was built in Sakarya by volunteers of the association in order to experience sustainable life.

The association also established a Repair Cafe in 2016 with the philosophy of “Don’t throw, but transform. Repair and use again”. First Sunday of each month, those who volunteer for repairing things, and those who bring their broken items, meet in the office of the association in Kadikoy. Therefore, while creating an environment of solidarity, our broken stuff are repaired.

The Association also has different projects such as urban beehives, harvest season, society supported agriculture and swap festival. All activities of the Earth Association are free of charge and there is no need to be a member of the association to benefit from these activities.

The Earth Association imagined a more sustainable world. It has guided hundreds of people who have similar concerns, to being one step closer to an ecological life. It based its activities on volunteering and solidarity. It created a huge difference that will continue for generations, in the lives of hundreds of people longing for nature.

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