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Date: 03.02.2017 (Season 8 - Episode 8)

Trust to goodness

Good4Trust is an online platform, launched two years ago by Uygar Özesmi and his friends. It aims to create trust among people and foster goodness, while promoting fair and ethical trade. The system has two main components. First one is the producer. Producers are those who adopt a fair and environment-friendly production method. Second component is the prosumer. Prosumers are those, who try to use local products and who consciously seek for information about where the product comes from, whether it’s environment-friendly or not. Producers and prosumers meet in the “Çarşı” (bazaar) of Good4Trust for a fair and more livable world. 

Uygar Özesmi, founder of Good4Trust defines the initiative as follows: “Good4Trust means trust to goodness. Because the world passes through a serious crisis of trust and we can increase goodness by sharing goodness. We have the opportunity to create an environment of trust with good people.”

In Good4Trust social initiative there is also a platform for sharing goodness. You can share a good act you made towards the nature, humans or animals, and encourage people to do good as well. Good4Trust combines the concepts of fair trade and goodness, and paves the way for a happier and better living.

Today, thanks to Good4Trust, the prosumer society can reach to hundreds of environment-friendly products. From organic soaps and clothing, to ceramic vases and ash water (replacing detergent), a wide range of products are available for environment-friendly citizens. Baştürk family is one of the producers in Good4Trust. After having a child, Baştürk family decided to pursue a healthier living and started searching for organic detergent. When they couldn’t find what they searched for, they started producing organic detergent with the ashes of woods they collect from bakeries.

Good4Trust, paved the way for a new economic model in the area of civil society. It opened a space for a healthier and more conscious living. Good4Trust contributed to the creation of a culture of goodness and respect to environment. It made a huge difference in the lives of those who produce ecological products, and those who support fair and environment-friendly production, which will last for generations.

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