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Date: 06.01.2017 (Season 8 - Episode 6)

An idealist teacher, who recreated his classroom

Ahmet Naç started his profession as a teacher in a village in Siirt. He worked there for 5 years. Later, he was appointed to Esenler Mehmet Akif Ersoy Primary School.

Ahmet Naç examined the 3 years long research conducted by Manchester Salford University, on education processes. Getting inspired from this research, he took permission from the administration of the school where he worked for 5 years, to try a different education model.

Idealist teacher Ahmet Naç first changed the physical conditions of the classroom. A library was built in every classroom. Music instruments were provided. Paints, and easels were provided for a more appropriate environment for painting classes. Other teachers in the school got inspired from this approach and 8 other classrooms were organized accordingly. Naç steps beyond the usual teaching methods. He makes use of rap music while teaching, organizes painting workshops in the school garden, introduces basketball and tennis to 1st graders. He literally carries learning outside of four walls of the classroom.

New generation teacher Ahmet Naç also made parents an actor of the change. Those who have the possibility supported financially, those who don’t worked for the redesigning of the classroom. Ahmet Naç and students’ parents changed both the shape of the classroom, as well as its atmosphere.

As a teacher, Ahmet Naç didn’t create excuses regarding the problems in education. Rather than following a standard path, he searched for a different education model. He took the brush, and recreated the classroom. He developed a new model in teaching. Ahmet Naç created a huge difference in the sphere of education, as well as in the future of the students.

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