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Social Justice > Season 08 > Refugees, We Are, Neighbors Solidarity Network

Date: 26.12.2016 (Season 8 - Episode 5)

Solidarity through neighborhood

According to United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Global Trends Report 2016, the number of people forced to displacement due to war, conflict, oppression, violence and violation of rights, reached nearly 65 million. According to the same report, every minute around 24 people are forced to leave their homes. Turkey tops the list of countries worldwide that receive refugees. According to official records, nearly 3 million refugees reside in Turkey. Government institutions, as well as civil society organizations are working to make sure the rights of refugees are respected and that they can live with dignity. “Refugees, We Are, Neighbours” Solidarity Network is one of these organizations.

The main components of “Refugees, We Are, Neighbors” Solidarity Network is neighborhood associations. “Refugees, We Are, Neighbors” Solidarity Network works for creating a solidarity network on the basis of human rights, between Syrian refugees and people from Turkey. The idea is to work collectively and in solidarity, in meeting the needs of the people living in the neighborhood. Until now, the needs of hundreds of refugees have been met, in the areas of shelter, nutrition, education and legal processes.

“Refugees, We Are, Neighbors” Solidarity Network is formed of several sub-groups, one of which is “Women with Women Refugee Kitchen”. “Women with Women Refugee Kitchen” is formed of women active under Okmeydanı Social Assistance and Solidarity Association. In the kitchen, 15 Syrian women are producing jams and pickles with their neighbors from Turkey, in order to sustain their economies and create solidarity.

Refugees, We Are, Syrians” Solidarity Network took responsibility in determining the needs of the refugees. The Network worked to meet the needs of all the refugees and their neighbors from Turkey in the neighborhood, without any linguistic, religious, ethnic discrimination. “Refugees, We Are, Neighbors” Solidarity Network became the advocate of rights and freedoms of refugees. The Network made a huge difference both in civil society, and in the lives of refugees.

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