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Date: 18.03.2016 (Season 7 - Episode 11)

This market is not a regular grocery store as you think!

Food Banking Association was established in 2010, under the leadership of entrepreneur Serhan Suzer, for the people who are unable to meet their basic needs. In 2014, Food Banking Association was renamed as Basic Needs Association. In 1-year, around two thousand people benefited from the Support Market that was established under the umbrella of the Association. Today an average of 350 families come to the Support Market every month to supply their needs. 

Another important aspect of the Support Market project is finding permanent jobs for the beneficiaries. After recording people who supply their needs from the Support Market, the association also works for their employment. It has so far provided employment for 20 people.

Basic Needs Association does not operate only in the area of market and human resources support, but also in many different areas. One of these areas is Jasmin Yirca Soaps produced by the women in Soma. After the disaster in Soma mining, Basic Needs Association has carried out this project to offer a business opportunity to the women in Yirca village. Through this project, women from Yirca who wanted to stand on their own feet have been trained in soap production and funds have been raised. In 1 year, 42.000 bars of soap were sold and women have obtained 200.000TL income.

Under the leadership of Serhan Suzer, Basic Needs Association has developed projects derived from the most basic needs of people. It made sure that underprivileged people receive help in a way compatible with human dignity. It supported unemployed people until they can support themselves by creating employment. By building a new supporting model, the Association has made a huge difference both in the lives of the beneficiaries and in the field of civil society.

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