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Date: 04.03.2016 (Season 7 - Episode 10)


According to official records, 2 million 250 thousand Syrians who escaped from civil war, currently live in Turkey. While some of them stay in refugee camps, thousands try to continue their life in the cities.
Today, there are individuals and organizations that see, hear and feel responsible for the problems of homeless people, refugees, anyone who needs help. One of these organizations is the Dervish Father Coffeehouse. Dervish Father Coffeehouse was founded by Musa Dede, Tayyar Baba and Ali Denizci 7 years ago. 

The whole system of Dervish Father Coffeehouse is based on voluntary participation. Other than the Turkish lessons given to Syrian children, there are English, Spanish, Italian and Russian language courses provided to dozens of people. In addition, various music classes are offered such as violin, guitar, rhythm, piano, solmization and singing. The organized courses are completely free and all trainers are volunteers. 

Dervish Father Coffeehouse provides aid to approximately 2.000 families every month on a regular basis. Every week, they take 200 children to free cultural events. Other than these activities, so far volunteers delivered approximately 700 battery-powered cars to physically handicapped people. All these activities are carried out by the volunteer network reaching 20.000 people.

Dervish Father Coffeehouse succored to the stranded and the ones in need without discriminating on language, religion or race. The organization did not refuse anyone who came to the coffeehouse asking for help. It reactivated the value of solidarity, which is fundamental for this country. It has made a huge difference in both our culture of solidarity and the lives of tens of thousands of people who happen to pass by the Dervish Father Coffeehouse.

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